The US is opening up on the 8th of November to visitors from a number of countries including the UK. Those with proof of vaccination will not need to quarantine (NHS App). The vaccination requirement is waived for those under 18 years old. All traveller will need to show proof of a negative Covid test taken within the last 72 hours.

Thailand is also opening up to UK visitors from November.

On the basis that they reach 80% vaccinated in November, Australia is permitting their vaccinated citizens to take international trips and return with a much reduced quarantine. No news on when foreign visitors may enter the country. They appear to be trialing a Vaccination Passport for use by foreign visitors and the suggestion is that this will be ready towards the end of December 2021. So perhaps travel to Australia will be permitted at some point in the New Year?

New Zealand has also advised that their opening up to foreign visitors will be based on the percentage of their citizens vaccinated. They have stated that they will open up to vaccinated travellers from a limited number of countries in the spring of 2022 (our spring).