The Galapagos Islands

Patrick O’Brien’s historical Aubrey/Maturin novel had the Galapagos Islands described as The Far Side of the World. It is an 11 hour flight from Europe to Ecuador, but still only the same sort of flying time to reach DisneyLand in Los Angeles, which would you choose?

The Galapagos Islands are a short flight from the mainland. They are and usually experienced on a small cruise, visiting different islands as each one is quite different with it own peculiar wildlife. Even if you are not an avid fan of Sir Richard Attenborough, we guarantee you will be impressed with what you see, it’s quite amazing just how close the animals will let you get to them. This is a smashing place to bring your children.

The cruises are balance with experiences on both the islands, to view the scenery; animals and birds, plus the sea for the coral and its inhabitants. Most visitors are not aware until they arrive, quite what you can also see in the rich waters, such as snorkelling with rays; turtles; seals etc, further a field both whale and hammerhead sharks are to be found. A typical cruise will have a morning excursion to one of the islands, before heading back to the ship and a couple of hours lunch and relaxation. Then in the afternoon it’s water based, with usually the option of a stay on the beach; snorkelling off the beach, or off a the ship’s Zodiak in deeper water, where you will see considerably more.

If a seven night cruise doesn’t appeal, then we have other shorter cruises; land based alternatives or ideally a combination of both. If you are interested then its worth discussing with us in some detail the alternatives.

While in this part of the world, many of our clients make this a once in a life time opportunity to tag on a visit back on the mainland. Adding Peru and Bolivia with the lost city of Machu Picchu; Cuzco and Lake Titicaca, or to an Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest lodge. Now with the new airline services by LAN, a trip out to see the mystical stone heads on Easter Island way out in the South Pacific is also reasonably easy to include too, the uber-luxury Explora Hotels have a property here.

Our local agents are long term associates and will ensure the arrangements are with English speaking guides and on a private basis.

This is a rough frame work to expand and contract into the best fit, please call to discuss.

Galapagos Islands

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