EPO European Patent Offices

To assist our clients plan their trips, twice a year we publish a guide to flights from the UK to the three main European Patent Offices. This is also a handy document to have with you if your hearing or appeal ends quickly, or extends late. This can be downloaded from the ‘home’ and the EPO pages too. We also have specific information pages on each EPO, see the buttons above.

Please note – We are able to make flight reservations without commitment and then later when your hearing is confirmed, amend them to cheaper fixed fares outbound, but with a flexible return leg to accommodate when the hearing actually finishes. While in Germany or Holland you can call us and we can alter your e ticket. This is a way of reducing costs but keeping the booking flexible.

Book through us and you’re not on your own, you can call us to change your e-ticket if your plans change, or at times of stress, be it flight cancellations; fog; strikes; snow or ash cloud. While away it is very easy to feel isolated and ill informed as to what is going on, but we are experienced and are able to help in these situations.


………..Incidentally, this would have been my last trip to Oral Proceedings at the EPO, as I am retiring at the end of January.  Please can I take the opportunity to thank you and the rest of your office for all the help you have given me over many years – you have certainly reduced the stress levels on what can be fraught occasions when attending Oral Proceedings……….


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