Cumberland Island

Originally given as a wedding present to their daughter by the Carnegies of Carnegie Hall fame, it is now a delightful country inn run by her great grandchildren. This is located on Cumberland Island one of the Atlantic Barrier islands on the Georgia/ Florida border. Reached by their elegant motor launch from Amelia Island, you will often be escorted by dolphins to this island paradise. It is a nature reserve, 17 miles long but only 2 miles at its widest. The country house is set under the trees that are decked in the drooping Spanish Moss. The island’s white tracks are of crushed coral and shells, where you can cycle using their fleet of immaculate bicycles. Once at the beach then they can be swapped for more suitable bikes for exploration along the hard packed bright white sand, looking for the wild horses that are resident here.

The inn is run like a English country house party, with lounges open for all to use, communal dining in the evenings and picnics in the day. It is very relaxed and hospitable, with private tours available to explore the island and see the ruins of the original main house. Some rooms have shared bathrooms, so book early if you want an en suite. There are also so some small cottages across the lawn from the balconied main house. It is especially popular in the summer weekends, so there is a need to book early.

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