Texas Hill Country – 2012

The famous ranch roads of the Texas Hill Country to the east of San Antonio and Austin, riding the Three Twisted Sisters. Not an area that many in the UK would have heard about. Being ranch roads the traffic is very light, very few cars, lots of bikes both motorised and with pedals.

Lots of sweeping curves and the strangest ride I’ve ever had on two wheels. In parts it’s not unlike a roller coaster’s bumps, but dead strait for about a mile or two, with a succession of small but steep hills. These have you opening up the throttle and roaring up the slope, then as you reach the top you see the others in the group also at their summits ahead of you. As you then dive down the other side you see  those in the dip are coming up the other face. Childish fun especially if you are well synchronised and it put a smile on everyone’s face, I guarantee you’ll want to turn around and do them again. We stayed at a charming and relaxed biker & cyclist motel in Leaky, lots of bungalow among the trees, only for those on two or three wheels. Fredericksburg  is a great town with more entertainment (aka bars) for the second or subsequent nights, interestingly there is a Nimitz Museum. The trip can be done with two of three nights and from San Antonio or Austin, the former may have more interest for us Brits.