IMPORTANT – If there is NO Brexit deal, any travellers planning to visit the EU from 30 March 2019 will need at least six months’ validity left on their passport. Should there be a ‘no deal’, then come March the Passport Office is not going to be able to cope. So anyone who will have six months or less on their passport come 29 March, should renew NOW.


• The main issue is that the UK has been the only country that would permit you to request and re-issue a new passport up to 9 months before it expires. So some people have a valid passport that was issued almost 10¾ years ago as the expiring passport’s end date remained the same however early you renewed it.
• Other countries do not accept this early renewal and potentially will take a view that your document’s validity should based on ten years from the start of the passport, plus the six months validity that in theory may be needed when visit the EU. ABTA’s guide

• I am sure there will be pandemonium and there will probably be some leeway given, but that sort of gamble is no good if you are travelling on Business.

• Snappy Snaps will take a photo and get it pre-cleared online on the Passport Office’s web site immediately while you wait.
• The bar code they give you will help you to renew online.
• I did mine in February and had the new document delivered to me on day 4, we have had clients do the same and get the same swift response with it back on the fourth day.
• We can issue any air tickets using the present passport info, then adjust it once the new document arrives, up until check-in or an hour before departure.

Once we hit the end of the month or get a Brexit the extension, I imagine there would be a huge rush for new documents once the press get wind of it.