Please be aware that hotels this June* and July* in Munich are already being effected by the EURO 2020 football tournament.
Among our usual hotels, we are now finding rates at about Euro600/ night, but importantly, in the majority of cases even the most flexible rates most don’t permit free cancellations after March.
There are the odd exceptions. So if anyone has a hearing in June & July, then perhaps its worth considering booking rooms with us now?
No doubt we will soon see flights filling up too.
In addition there are knock-out rounds being played in Amsterdam on Monday 22 and Saturday 27 June, which could affect flights and Eurostar services either side of these dates. So those attending EPO hearings near the Hague may also find services busy?
*Group stage: Tue 16 June, Sat 20 June & Wed 24 June. Quarter Final: Fri 03 July