UPDATE on BA’s change rule waiver

This has now been extended until the end of the month, for travel up until 12 months after the original travel date .
It also now permits a change of routing, subject to any fare difference.
Once again it only covers booking made on or after 03 March and there is no waiter to the refund rule.

Most over airlines also now have the same style of waiver in place, although the details vary.

Many airlines are cancelling and consolidating services due to the downturn in business. If your flight is cancelled and you are automatically rebooked, then you are entitled to a refund, this is irrespective of when you booked them. It is normally taken up due to the convenience element, but can be a useful way out if you have a non-refundable ticket and don’t want to travel.
There is no way to manipulate the system for this, but we are finding this scenario appearing on a number of bookings this week. We will discuss this with you on an individual basis should we be advised of a schedule change.


UPDATE- the latest set of airlines permitting a change waiver are Westjet, Air New Zealand, Saudia, Emirates and Singapore. We assume over the next few days that most IATA carriers will offer this. 

As well as BA and Virgin, now SAS, Lufthansa, Swiss, Eurowings Brussels Airlines, United, Delta, American, Jetblue and Alaska are all offering the same type of waiver on new bookings, although, some details naturally differ. Lufthansa Group are especially lenient, as it will apply to pre-existing bookings.

With the present worries about travel and the corona virous, many people are unsure sure about booking flights. British Airways is offering some assistance, in these uncertain times.
For NEW bookings, over the next two weeks, they are wavering all ticket’s amendment rules, giving you the ability to change the dates should circumstances change.
New bookings only, not pre existing
• From 03 March 2020
• Policy until 16 March, but will be reviewed and may be extended
• All routes, all fares and all travel dates
• Normal changes rules and fees are waivered
• If you are changing to a flight with a higher price, then the difference is still payable
• Changes can be made right up to departure
Refund rules are NOT waived
Please note- we are also able to hold provisional flight bookings for at least 72 hours, on BA and other airlines.