We are small specialist business travel company established in 1978 and located in central London. The majority of our work is advising and arranging commercial travel, much of this is focused on the Intellectual Property Profession, with travel to Europe, North America and the Far East. We also have clients involved in – IT, outside broadcasting, digital advertising, distribution, marketing and property development.

Between us at Target Travel we have over 120 years’ experience and are extensively travelled, so have a wealth of knowledge to offer you. All travel is on a bespoke basis and nothing is too complex. We have programmes to support a wide selection of IP conferences and travel for hearings at the three EPOs.

Another element of our business is expertise in tailor making high quality and often complex leisure trips; sabbaticals and extended round the world travel.

For a comprehensive list of what we can offer, please click on the ‘Select Your Interest‘ in the main menu above.


To be kept informed, either follow us on Twitter, Facebook or sign up for our RSS newsfeed.  News archives can be found on our ‘Useful links’ page.

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